Biscuit and Cookies

Delato Cookie, Biscuit with Different Flavors


Lavash Bread, Sweet Bread, Crackers


Croissant, Gata, Berliner


Cake Mix, Bakery Flour

TAK NAN JONOUB Food Industries

“TAK NAN JONOUB Food Industries” Company was established in the late 2009 and early 2010.

As its hot sale production (short term) was completed, TAK NAN JONOUB has recently launched a full-automatic line for producing various types of biscuits and cookies in order to steer its cold sale production (long term). All production tests have been successfully conducted.

All machinery of this Company have been purchased from the best European brands from countries like Germany, Netherland, Italy, Spain and Swiss and the designed, installed and put into operation by the Iranian and foreign engineers.

This Company’s products with unique innovations are now readily available for all you dear fellow Iranians.

Due to enjoying the experienced and well-trained manpower, updated technical knowledge and the most accurate equipment and laboratory machinery purchased from valid and well-known companies like German Co. of MEMERT, Laboratory and Quality Control Department of TAK NAN JONOUB has done its best to conduct the quality control of products and enhance the consumers’ satisfaction.

In order to keep and improve the quality, this Department, identify and control the bottlenecks through implementation of HACCP System during the whole process from the raw materials to production, packaging, warehousing, and exit of products from the Company and performs numerous tests on the raw materials, products during the process as well as the final products.

These tests include physical, chemical and microbiological experiments in accordance with the Iranian national standards which guarantee the quality of TAK NAN products.